Our Philosophy

At Bella Sera our philosophy is simple:  treat guests like family, serve great food and always exceed expectations Ajax json.

Our goal is to be the best Italian restaurant!  We are a quality-driven restaurant, not a quantity-driven one.  We are not real chefs – we’re real eaters Overseas webhard!

Our History

Our restaurant has been in business since 2002, but started to operate under the name of “Bella Sera” in May 2012.  Over the years, our delicious food and friendly service has been the guiding principle of our business, but we don’t stop there.  Our customers’ satisfaction with our restaurant is what makes us proud.  We’re very grateful to all our customers for our many years in business, and will continue to strive to make our restaurant a warm, inviting place to relax and enjoy good food, good conversation and good company.   Thank you, customers, for the opportunity to serve you Rix Orthodox b!

Our Food

We differentiate ourselves by offering classically prepared food items from original regional recipes using the highest quality, freshest ingredients.   We also offer many new items, created by the restaurant owner, to his exacting culinary standards.  So no matter how often you come to our restaurant, you will always find something new that you want to try.  All these new items are in our special menu, which changes weekly Mamamu Nuna Sea.

Bella Sera is open for lunch and dinner, with a great selection of main menu items and a fantastic dessert menu.  The main menu items include a wide assortment of appetizers, salads, pasta dishes, sandwiches, entrees and pizzas.  We tried to not miss anything to make sure our customers are happy and satisfied ld플레이어 3.73 다운로드.

We also have a very large beverage menu that includes sodas, juices, beers and amazing Italian wines.

10pasta dishes
14signature pizzas
17authentic entrees


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Italian meals

Our Commitment To You

As part of our commitment, we’re proud to serve high-quality delicious Italian food at fair prices – value for your money.   Made fresh daily and served in a comfortable, home-like setting, everyone is welcomed as a member of our family.  We strive to create long-lasting memories for our guests and friends, new and old alike Download The Patchality.

So welcome to our family!